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This 100% ethically sourced gem is natural and of the highest quality!

• Gem Type: Ruby
• Shape: Cushion
• Dimensions: 9.1 x 5.65 x 3.88 mm
• Treatment: Heat Only
• Origin: Mozambique

1. Carat Weight: 2.05 ct
2. Color: Pinkish-Red Red
3. Cut Grade: Very Good
4. Clarity: Eye clean (no Inclusions visible to the naked eye)


*We have a large collection of settings! Upon request we can have our gems set to create a beautiful finished piece of jewelry!

*We only sell natural gems that are to be used in high-end jewelry. Most of our sapphires/rubies are heat treated (this is a standard treatment on gems). What this means is that the gem has been subject to a heat source, this typically brings out a more vivid color in the gem. 99% of sapphires/rubies on the market are heat treated.

*We guarantee all of our goods to be described as accurately as possible! Some of our gems come with a lab report and some do not. For the stones that do not have a lab report, we can get one for you upon request (additional fee's will apply).

2.05 ct Cushion Ruby

SKU: R479
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