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Ruby is known as the king of gems, and for good reason! Ruby is among the rarest and most expensive gems in the entire world!

Image by Tania C


Ruby is the most important and recognized gemstone throughout history, dating back to ancient times. Ancient Hindu culture believed that rubies would enable them to be reborn as emperors. Ancient Burmese culture believed that Rubies would grant invincibility, and ancient Romans admired their hardness and density. Rubies were even mentioned in the bible! They are still amongst the most popular and sought after gemstones in jewelry and collecting to this day.


Birthstone of July

Ruby is the official birthstone of July. Ruby is the red variety of the mineral species corundum, and its rich color symbolizes love and passion. Sapphires are also a variety of corundum, meaning that rubies are essentially red sapphires! Ruby ranks a 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it is an excellent option for all types of jewelry.



A Ruby's value can vary greatly based on color, clarity, carat weight, cut, and origin. For example, a lower quality, dime-sized ruby with a dark color, visible inclusions, and poor cutting can cost around $1,000. A similar sized ruby with high color saturation, no visible inclusions, and perfectly symmetrical cutting can cost around $500,000!


The origin of a ruby can also significantly affect the price. Two identical high quality stones, one being from Myanmar and one being from Thailand, will have a price difference of about 50-75%, Myanmar being the more expensive option. 

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